Monday, December 15, 2008

Welp!!..this ones for the boys! you can see from the picture I finally got my wish for it to snow...but now that it is here...I'm not so sure that i really did want it cause it's too cold now to walk up to campus..but i guess thats what you get for wanting it to snow so badly...and i have played in it starting tonight because Spencer pushed me in it and then i threw snow balls at him well at least tried to they were just poofed into mist once thrown...not a good idea in blue jeans and with no gloves on....make sure you wear at least waterproof pants and gloves to throw/play in the the first picture is of Kyle...he thinks he is a fireman...we all give me support and play along with it..but poor guy....he really isn't and he is already sad..JK....this was when we adventured off the outback where we watched the byu vs air force game...we tried watching it just on tv in the apartment..but its wasn't on...then we tried at chili's...not on...then we successfully went to outback and cheered on a victorious win by the cougars....which are going to the vegas bowl...WHOOO WHOOOOO!!! out arizona.....anyways..the next two pictures are of Spencer and I on an awesome double date with his freshman roommate down in salt lake...first we went to pie...which was probably one of the best pizza places that i have ever eaten at...the only bad thing was that it was right across from the enemies line (U of U)..
ewwwwwww..then we traveled over to temple square and walked around to see the lights... **note to oneself and everyone else...don't were flats after it has snowed...your feet with get numb and feel like they will fall off**...anyways....these boys are who i have been hanging out with lately and they are hilarious..there is also Austin, Joel, Nate squared and some other boys..but i dont have a picture of all of sad..i really need to get one...someday soon i shall have one.....luckily i sat next to Spencer in History and he got my number or else I wouldn't of ever found these awesome, cute, funny (lookin) jk... boys to hang out with and all the wonderful memories i have with them now....YAY for Spencer (mainly me since I thought he was cute and I sat next to him)!!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Let is Snow....Let it Snow... Let it Snow!!!

So I really want it to snow before I leave Provo for Christmas break...really weird for me...i know since i normally don't really care for snow, but it will feel so much more like Christmas and winter time if it did snow...I truly feel like the right time to snow is during the month of December and January..but after that not so much the rest of the time that I am here til April...but whatever...i cant wait to build another snowman...snow angel...and go snowboarding....YAY!!!!!!!! please let it snow some at least before i leave and i will be very happy/maybe even do better on my
finals...well maybe not.......but that would be way cool....anyways...i
can't wait until i get to go sledding again as well and just play in the snow..last year my ward went tubing...way fun....o please weather man...say it will snow so i can be happy and have it be truly christmas time.....

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


SO..yesturday was thanksgiving...and umm umm was it wayy wayy waaaay good. I got up and helped my mommy the whole day preparing food. My family usually is all there, but now that they are all grown and up married with their own lives beside my brother Tristan and I, we where the only ones there this time...but anyways..we usually have thanksgiving traditions where the girls get up to help mom and watch the Macy's thanksgiving day parade of course, which was spectacular this year might i add. The boys go and have a turkey bowl and get all beat up...but my ward was lame this year and decided not to have one so my dad and brother had a turkey tennis bowl instead...where my dad whopped my brother...hahaha....then we invite certain people over from the ward each year who all bring food to was soo good and i ate so much..i think i actually ate more then my brother this year...he was a weakling....anyways...after we finish with horsederves and dinner we all watch the cowboys game...where they always play on thanksgiving..go cowboys...and they won too yesterday...then we have dessert after we have settled our tummies and got hungry a little again...then we clean up after everyone leaves and watch a movie together...then today- next day- we go out to berry patch farms and get our christmas tree...a nice big fat one..this one is a 10footer i think this year......i love it all and i love the holidays with our awesome family traditions....YAY FOR CHRISTMAS COMING!!!!!!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Rivalry Week....

This week is intense and nerve racking...i mean head over heels crazy, waiting for the anticipation of the one game all true blue fans look forward to...the last two years BYU has pulled out an amazing win...each team comes out ready to fight for victory...when is this battle to be fought...SATURDAY at 4 pm at the utes stadium...will the cougs pull it off this year for a one knows..but i sure am thinking that they will pull it off again and will have a victorious win against the utes...but we shall find out and will have to wait impatiently..but it will all be worth it in the end when we see the war fought out....

Sunday, November 2, 2008

HaLLOwEeN cOntD.... we are again for the third time (but the best time and best way to wear our togas and the best hair/makeup and the best night...just the best everything) dressing up...we went to four almost five parties but one you had to pay money and no one brought we skipped out on that one... the first one was with Lorina's stake..but when we first arrived they had a fire drill so we went to a random one at the smith field house...low and behold it was my brother Tristan's stake party...funny huh....not that great of a party though just asked Tristy..he did have a great group costume and they did win the contest with $60 to pizza factory....then we finally went to Lorina's and that was pretty cool...they didnt play that great of music though..but it was really fun to see all of the other girls..auds and i did meet michael phelps..twice actually..and toook a pic with him once....that was a good thing about the party...anyways..we then went to Jake's (a friend from last years ward party) and that was really fun because we saw a some other peps there from last year as well...great music...great dancing...great people all it was all way fun and you can see with my friends dancing through the window when i was outside getting some air....then we tried going to the party with money..but failed...then we went to one someone in our ward was having..played rock band live and told scary stories in the dark, which was really cool and all in all it was a fantastic night, with great fun, good people, awesome costumes that we saw and was a much better halloween then last year's that is for sure!!YAY!!!! next holiday is thanksgiving..and i get to go home for like a week and a day...much needed...i love being home and havent gone home for thanksgivng the past two...all of the food my mommy makes is wonderful...turkey...stuffing...stuffed mushrooms..cheese dip...mashed drooling just thinking about it...PLEASE COME FASTER!!!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008


SO....this weekend has been the start of Halloween parties...we went to a person in our wards house and had a party....we decided this year to be the six greek goddesses...Meghan is Hera-marriage and childbirth, Ann is Demeter- goddess of fertility and grain ....Audrey is Artemis-hunt and wild things...Ashely is Hestia- hearth and home.....Rachelle is Athena-war....and I am was exciting..but after the party was more fun..we went to wendys and watched the eye....pretty good movie..not the best...but i am more excited for this weekend on actual Halloween...and it will be more fun with all the rest of us together as the six greek goddesses...this past week has been crazy at school with midterms and papers and other things that have to do with school...but overall..everything is great and dandy....i love my friends and i am going to be sad next year because some of us are going to be going on missions and others maybe get married...or i dunno...this is our last year to be truly together.... I LOVE MY GIRLIES!! they are always there for me through thick and thin... i know that i can go and talk to them all about anything..they always give me great guidance and support for everything...thanks girls for the past two to three years together...its been wonderful...i love you all....bye for now!

Friday, October 17, 2008


So....last night...yes instead of watching the depressing BYU football game....Meghan and I went to the Dashboard Confessional/ Panic at the Disco concert at the E was reallly awesome....well when i say awesome only the Plain White T's and Dashboard were was kind of disappointing to see that Panic was not that great...They are sooooo much better on their CD I think personally....But in any case...Dashboard omgsh they played all of my favorites and ones that i wanted to hear..well i do have a lot of favorites..but they played the real real favorites....they play...hands down...the ultimate fav..... screaming infidelities... stolen..vindicated.....and two more but i forgot which one...thick as thieves and widows peak from their new album and i loved them both...Chris Carrabba isnt that cute...but once he starts to sing and play the guitar...he cuteness level goes much higher....and check this out...there was part where you could go on the floor..and he came out..but i couldnt go down there to get a pic with him like all the other people on the floor where doing...i was soo mad and bummed out..but the concert was AMAZING...and the plain white t's did a great job as well. ...they played some really good songs and ones that i didnt know where them the sang was hey there delilah...1,2,3,4...our time now..hate....take me away...and someother ones that i dont know the names of...but over all...DC was the best and way worth everything...if they ever come here and they are the main band..i am so there...YEAH....thanks Megs for coming with me and sharing this awesome experience togetherand having fun together yelling DC songs together....I LOVE DC!!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Hello Blogging world..
I haven't written in quite a have started school again going to football games as you can tell with my roomies...and we went to true blue football as was so crazy with so many people there..almost tooo many people, but it was still way way way fun...we kept following the people with the foam sprayer and they would put it up in the air while we were all crowded together getting got pretty scary in there sometimes because people would move around like a they were going crazy...anyways
the other pic is of Auds and I went to the mall one weekend and her sister Stephanie did our makeup..and then accidentally ended up dressing alike as well... school has been really fun meeting new people and starting up old friendships has been very hard and stressful as games have been awesome and we are 5-0 now ranked 9th in the nation....GO COUGARS!!!so theres my life in a nut shell...studying..eating...sleeping..and most important of all....HAVING FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

New School Year!!

SO, here I am again back at cougartown....good ol' provo....what a fast summer that went by....the new picture up where the name of my blog is a picture that I took last night because the sunset was really reminds me of a scene in gone with the wind...the last one before intermission where scarlett is back in tara and she gives an awesome speech and says..."For tomorrow is another day." Yep i do love that movie is so great and the costumes are beautiful...anyways...this first week of school has been crazy...i came out early to get knee surgery..that went well and my knee is slowly but surely recovering and will get back to normal in like a month as long as i do some therapy like biking and walking around normal...still trying to do the second one first i had to put a garbage bag around my knee so it wouldnt get wet when i took a bath that was pretty fun......and it was so great that my daddy was out here to help of the nights i called him because i was sick about 5:00 in the morning and he came right over and took great care of me....all of my friends were very helpful and caring as well...then last night was a crazy night...we went to my friend from fresh and soph year who got married this summer get was way fun and really good to see her and her husband again...then we decided to go to this guys b day party that we knew from last years ward cause they live across the street from us....and that was really random and fun and he was way nice and it was Way good to see familiar faces again...who knows maybe well see them more often then not...but not counting on it....o well..anyways...then we went to Dani's apartment and there were more new people to was a really fun random night...but you know what....those nights are the best to me because you never know what type of people or who you will see and meet or what your even expecting to just gotta go out there and hope for the best....this year...i am hoping to do really well in school...but as well as have tons of fun doing it with my friends...and new ones i meet.....YAY FOR SCHOOL well as FRIENDS!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Beach House

A few weeks ago, my whole family came into town, but Pat, and only part of them came to the beach house. One day Tyler and Tristan decided to try and catch a crab and ended up catching three. We were hoping they would fight to the death but the only thing they did was try to crawl up the walls of our bucket to get out. IT was so nice and I am going back the weekend before I go back out the UT and get my knee surgery. Hopefully everything goes well and I am able to be up and about for school to start 4 days later, but we shall see. The next week we got back from the beach all but one person was in our house and it was crazy. I was kicked out of my room and then moved from room to room about three times until I ended up sleeping in my dads office on a mattress on the ground with my sister and my brother. At least this only lasted for about 4 nights....not to bad...It was tonz of fun to have almost everyone home though and we had a great time together. I am way excited to go back out to school to have a social life again and see my girl friends...... not to excited to start school again. once it starts then I will get back into the swing of things and it will all be ok....only 2 and a half weeks left... YES!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yellow River Game Ranch

SO when my sister was here we took our nephew and niece to this petting zoo called yellow river game ranch. It was really cool because they had deer and rabbits roaming around coming right up to you and eating out of your hand. This bear just opened up his mouth and stood there while we tried to throw it right into his mouth. It was really cool something that I never knew about. OUr cousins, the Howicks told us about this place. So we meet up with Brittany and her baby. There were so many different animals around like peacock, sheep, goats, donkeys, and so much more. If any of yall come to visit me here in GA, then we will defintately have to go here because it was totally redneck, but way cool at the same time.

Monday, July 7, 2008

NEW HAIRCUT I woke up and I don't have work for 2 weeks since the family I nanny for is on vacation and next week I'm having a beach family reunion (0nly with my brothers and sisters since a lot of them are grown up with their own families and haven't been ALL together in like 3 or 4 years)...I took my dog to the vet to get his rabies vaccine and just a checkup..then i got this cute new hair doesnt do justice..i think its way cuter in person than on the pic....anyways...went to walmart and got a bunch of things with my mom sister niece and nephew....and now im posting a new post about my cute new hair cut...these next two weeks are going to be nice and relaxing...after the two weeks....i will only have three weeks of work left before they start schoool again...and then just two weeks in august tell i come back to school..that means i have about 7 weeks left total then i can see all of my friends...i really really really misss all of them...being in ga with the fam has been way fun and much needed with my mom..but i really miss having friends around me and interacting with people actually my age...hehehe....its really nice to have tristy back in town to have a buddy other than my parents which are great parents and fun...but always nice to have another person home...well...i will talk to yall soon...have a great week.....!!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Bush Gardens + Sea World Florida

Last week my mom and I had a rode trip down
to Tampa, Florida to visit my sister Kelsey and her husband Pat.
We also went to Bush Gardens Africa and to Sea World. It was so much fun. My sister got a new puppy and we also brought my dog Beau. They were buddies right off the bat and played together all the time. Thursday we went to Bush Gardens, rode on awesome rides like Montu, Kumba, and Sheikra. Sheikra was a 180ft drop at a 90 degree angle in the beginning with tons of twists and loops. It was awesome, but my favorite ride was Montu because it was full of more turns and loops that was better than all the rides. We also went on a sky ride over the park and saw all the animals like giraffes, elephants, hippos, tigers, lions, and so much more. We also went on a safari and got close and personal with some of the animals there. It was a blast, but I think that I wasn't used to the heat and didn't drink near enough water because I totally got sick and dehydrated from lack of water. It was bad so Friday we decided just to go to the beach and save Sea World for Saturday. The beach was beautiful and just layed out all day as well as sitting under the shade to not get to dark. ANyWayS, saturday was excellent and I love sea World. I forgot how awesome and fun it is to watch all of the shows. My favorit was the dolphin show, the picture with all the blue. It was way better than the Shamu one because shamu only came out for about 3 mintues of the 30 minute show. Seeing the dolphins and the whales doing their jumps and tricks with the trainers riding them was really cool and amazing to see. We also went to a show called Odyssea. IT was like a Cirque du Soleil with the asian girls doing weird binds and twists with their bodies as well as trampiz and girls hanging on hoops high above the air. Everything was awesome and it was my favorite day spent in Florida, even though I was still feeling sick. Vacations are always fun and great memories to take with you, but it always feels good to go back home and sleep in your own bed instead of a hotel, or couch, which is what I was on, but it was so fun. Thanks to my mom again for always making moments and vacations worth while. I have always loved them no matter what and I am grateful for that and will definitely take awesome vacations with my own family someday for them to have great memories.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Today during church when I was in gospel doctrine with my mother and I was really hungry because I didn't eat any breakfast because I was to busy making some for my mom...Happy mothers day for all those moms out there...anyways. I looked in my purse to see if I still had candy from the movie and I found tonz of riesen's. They are so good I forgot how scrumptious they were and very addicting. When I ran out of them it was the saddest moment of my life cause I was still starving and wanting more riesen's since there so addicting. I then remembered that Lorina discovered them out at school this year and she became obessed with them. I'm tellin ya to watch out for those succors because they are out to hunt you. Then I remembered sponge bob and patrick my favorite cartoon show and Lorina likes as well. Its so funny and I can never stop laughing....Last night my parents and I went to the Atlanta symphony orchestra concert because there was a grand opening of a new amphitheater in alpharetta....I used to play the violin in middle school, but stopped because I thought it was nerdy...i was really good at it and since seeing august rush and the orchestra I really have wanted to start playing I might get a new violin for my birthday JUNE 6th...o yeah...and there is this girl in my ward here who plays very I might ask her to get me lessons...exciting....i will keep you updated on what really happens...

Sunday, May 4, 2008

SO this summer is another fun summer of my nannying for two sweet little girls names Kaitlyn and Jacqueline...yess it was weird at first last summer to say my own name but I got used to it....this will probably be my last summer to sit for them because next summer I need to get a real job its part of my major, landscape management, to work for a landscape company so then I will be able to get better and come to know how to do things through a work experience.... nannying has been way fun that pays really well to get me through my college years so far...but I knew that it wouldn't last forever and I had to get a real job soo....I think that can wait till next summer or maybe winter semester..just need to see how things go at college with grades and things...this summer is the last summer full of going to the pool, movies, out to eat, driving to and from camps or other appointments, and so much more...well see how things go i have only begun and so has the summer..

Friday, April 25, 2008

Oh the I am longing to go there and I can't wait to go to FLorida in two weeks to visit my sister Kelsey and her husband Pat down in Tamp....I am way excited to get a tan and just to be at the beach...i love the beach all thanks to my parents taking me there every spring break....i was truly spoiled by that and totally miss it.....I will go again to Topsail, NC in July at our friends beach house. ITs BEauTifuL there and I have had some awesome experiences with my family and friends. How i truly miss the waves crashing down into the ocean as I drift into deep sleep, the sand between my toes as I walk up and down the shore, or the sun beating down my face while I make sand castles or just lay out to get a tan. O how excited I am to see the ocean again.....

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

This is Audrey and I. I love her so much because she is hilarious and is always making me laugh. This was when we went tubbing with our ward before we left. It was really sad because like 2 minutes after we left my buckle on my snow pants broke. We even took a pic, but I dont have that one. I am really going to miss that girl this summer because she is always crazy and come up with great ideas to do like have a MJ party or go to get ice cream at 12 at night or stay up and just talk with everyone else laughing really hard. ITs a really good ab workout you should try it because laughing hard is really fun.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Here are my roommates, which we had many great times together over the past year...times like staying up late just talking and laughing....putting new quotes on our quote wall....going to moab....going to the Christmas devotional....having crazy parties like in honor of MJ(not Micheal Jordan...Micheal Jackson..duh)...taking crazy pics...going dollar bowling..and soo much more..Now the time has come to an end..and we have to split our sad....and depression cause i really dont have to many friends back home...but I am excited for the break of the summer...and we will be back together soon in 4 months...crazy how time just flys....

Monday, April 21, 2008

SO..I decided that I was going to make a blog...mostly for the summer and to capture times of me at college with my friends....hang in there with me...this could take a while until I really have good posts and pictures put there....see ya later