Sunday, October 26, 2008


SO....this weekend has been the start of Halloween parties...we went to a person in our wards house and had a party....we decided this year to be the six greek goddesses...Meghan is Hera-marriage and childbirth, Ann is Demeter- goddess of fertility and grain ....Audrey is Artemis-hunt and wild things...Ashely is Hestia- hearth and home.....Rachelle is Athena-war....and I am was exciting..but after the party was more fun..we went to wendys and watched the eye....pretty good movie..not the best...but i am more excited for this weekend on actual Halloween...and it will be more fun with all the rest of us together as the six greek goddesses...this past week has been crazy at school with midterms and papers and other things that have to do with school...but overall..everything is great and dandy....i love my friends and i am going to be sad next year because some of us are going to be going on missions and others maybe get married...or i dunno...this is our last year to be truly together.... I LOVE MY GIRLIES!! they are always there for me through thick and thin... i know that i can go and talk to them all about anything..they always give me great guidance and support for everything...thanks girls for the past two to three years together...its been wonderful...i love you all....bye for now!

Friday, October 17, 2008


So....last night...yes instead of watching the depressing BYU football game....Meghan and I went to the Dashboard Confessional/ Panic at the Disco concert at the E was reallly awesome....well when i say awesome only the Plain White T's and Dashboard were was kind of disappointing to see that Panic was not that great...They are sooooo much better on their CD I think personally....But in any case...Dashboard omgsh they played all of my favorites and ones that i wanted to hear..well i do have a lot of favorites..but they played the real real favorites....they play...hands down...the ultimate fav..... screaming infidelities... stolen..vindicated.....and two more but i forgot which one...thick as thieves and widows peak from their new album and i loved them both...Chris Carrabba isnt that cute...but once he starts to sing and play the guitar...he cuteness level goes much higher....and check this out...there was part where you could go on the floor..and he came out..but i couldnt go down there to get a pic with him like all the other people on the floor where doing...i was soo mad and bummed out..but the concert was AMAZING...and the plain white t's did a great job as well. ...they played some really good songs and ones that i didnt know where them the sang was hey there delilah...1,2,3,4...our time now..hate....take me away...and someother ones that i dont know the names of...but over all...DC was the best and way worth everything...if they ever come here and they are the main band..i am so there...YEAH....thanks Megs for coming with me and sharing this awesome experience togetherand having fun together yelling DC songs together....I LOVE DC!!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Hello Blogging world..
I haven't written in quite a have started school again going to football games as you can tell with my roomies...and we went to true blue football as was so crazy with so many people there..almost tooo many people, but it was still way way way fun...we kept following the people with the foam sprayer and they would put it up in the air while we were all crowded together getting got pretty scary in there sometimes because people would move around like a they were going crazy...anyways
the other pic is of Auds and I went to the mall one weekend and her sister Stephanie did our makeup..and then accidentally ended up dressing alike as well... school has been really fun meeting new people and starting up old friendships has been very hard and stressful as games have been awesome and we are 5-0 now ranked 9th in the nation....GO COUGARS!!!so theres my life in a nut shell...studying..eating...sleeping..and most important of all....HAVING FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!