Saturday, September 6, 2008

New School Year!!

SO, here I am again back at cougartown....good ol' provo....what a fast summer that went by....the new picture up where the name of my blog is a picture that I took last night because the sunset was really reminds me of a scene in gone with the wind...the last one before intermission where scarlett is back in tara and she gives an awesome speech and says..."For tomorrow is another day." Yep i do love that movie is so great and the costumes are beautiful...anyways...this first week of school has been crazy...i came out early to get knee surgery..that went well and my knee is slowly but surely recovering and will get back to normal in like a month as long as i do some therapy like biking and walking around normal...still trying to do the second one first i had to put a garbage bag around my knee so it wouldnt get wet when i took a bath that was pretty fun......and it was so great that my daddy was out here to help of the nights i called him because i was sick about 5:00 in the morning and he came right over and took great care of me....all of my friends were very helpful and caring as well...then last night was a crazy night...we went to my friend from fresh and soph year who got married this summer get was way fun and really good to see her and her husband again...then we decided to go to this guys b day party that we knew from last years ward cause they live across the street from us....and that was really random and fun and he was way nice and it was Way good to see familiar faces again...who knows maybe well see them more often then not...but not counting on it....o well..anyways...then we went to Dani's apartment and there were more new people to was a really fun random night...but you know what....those nights are the best to me because you never know what type of people or who you will see and meet or what your even expecting to just gotta go out there and hope for the best....this year...i am hoping to do really well in school...but as well as have tons of fun doing it with my friends...and new ones i meet.....YAY FOR SCHOOL well as FRIENDS!!!!!!!!!!!