Saturday, February 21, 2009


Last Night Spencer proposed to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We went out to dinner at Tucanos and he made us an awesome love cd to listen to in the car,but of course I had NO idea that he was going to because he told me that he made it for our V-day dinner. SO we ate a lot of food, but Spencer didn't really eat as much as I thought he would because he was anxious to ask me later. So we left and came back to my apartment and I opened the door and there was rose petals and a candle light pathway leading to my room and more rose petals all over the ground and my bed, with disney valentines day cards with spencer telling me of ways he loves me. There was music play as well and it was perfect timing because when I opened thedoor it restarted over since my friends put it on repeat it was Brian Mcknights Back at One. So I went over to the ring box that was tied in a bow and couldn't open it because i was still in shock and really excited so Spencer had to do it(It had a button to push that I didn't see) so when he opened it, nothing in there. But I turned to him and he gave me a kiss, got down on one knee and said, "Kaitlin I want to be with you forever, Will you marry me?" Of course I said yess and he took the ring out of his pocket and put it on my finger and we danced some and it was totally perfect and totally unexpected. We then went next door where my friends were waiting and we all hugged each other like 3 times and we took a bunch of pictures. We don't have a date yet, but we will have one sometime soon. I am just so excited that I woke up really early this morning and I couldn't sleep at all because I am so happy and just this is so unreal and I have always dreamed of this moment. But now its not a dream anymore, its so real. Spencer is perfect, wonderful, funny, charming, nice, and really, really ridiculously good looking I am so excited for us to start our life together.YAY!!!!!!!!

Friday, February 20, 2009

President's Day Holiday Weekend!!

This past weekend Spencer and I drove to Littleton, CO where I got to meet his parents and little sister. IT was a blast, including the car ride to and from. We had pizza and watched a movie friday night. Saturday we helped Spencer's dad with a work project, went to lunch with some of his high school friends, went to watch a baseball game of one of another high school friend, then went out to dinner with the fam that night. I was kind of sad because we were going to go to a mongolian barbecue, but the wait was 2 hours because of valentines day. So we went to a mexican resturant instead. Still good and fun. Sunday was church of course and meeting all of his friends at church and them telling me that they have been wanting to meet me/they have heard a lot about me, so that was fun and cool. Then we took some pics, Spencers mommy tookmuch more but with her camera so hopefully I will get those sometime. Then we had dinner steak and baked potatoes, my fav, TOok a nap, then we played some intense rounds of killer bunnies with spencers friends and family. I won twice, WOOO HOOO!!! The next day we had breakfast and then packed up the car and left, which spencer left a suit and his nice button up shirts and a nice sweater at home whichis way sad,but hopefully he will get them back some how. I really did enjoy every mintue of it and his family is really funny and nice. His house has a great feeling to it and i never felt uncomfortable. But I am way excited because tonight we are going to Tucanos for our V-day date and i am prepared to get stuffed to capacity. then saturday we might go to a masquerade dance withmy roommate, but im really not sure about that one and I Have always wanted to go to one so we shall see what happends.