Monday, December 15, 2008

Welp!!..this ones for the boys! you can see from the picture I finally got my wish for it to snow...but now that it is here...I'm not so sure that i really did want it cause it's too cold now to walk up to campus..but i guess thats what you get for wanting it to snow so badly...and i have played in it starting tonight because Spencer pushed me in it and then i threw snow balls at him well at least tried to they were just poofed into mist once thrown...not a good idea in blue jeans and with no gloves on....make sure you wear at least waterproof pants and gloves to throw/play in the the first picture is of Kyle...he thinks he is a fireman...we all give me support and play along with it..but poor guy....he really isn't and he is already sad..JK....this was when we adventured off the outback where we watched the byu vs air force game...we tried watching it just on tv in the apartment..but its wasn't on...then we tried at chili's...not on...then we successfully went to outback and cheered on a victorious win by the cougars....which are going to the vegas bowl...WHOOO WHOOOOO!!! out arizona.....anyways..the next two pictures are of Spencer and I on an awesome double date with his freshman roommate down in salt lake...first we went to pie...which was probably one of the best pizza places that i have ever eaten at...the only bad thing was that it was right across from the enemies line (U of U)..
ewwwwwww..then we traveled over to temple square and walked around to see the lights... **note to oneself and everyone else...don't were flats after it has snowed...your feet with get numb and feel like they will fall off**...anyways....these boys are who i have been hanging out with lately and they are hilarious..there is also Austin, Joel, Nate squared and some other boys..but i dont have a picture of all of sad..i really need to get one...someday soon i shall have one.....luckily i sat next to Spencer in History and he got my number or else I wouldn't of ever found these awesome, cute, funny (lookin) jk... boys to hang out with and all the wonderful memories i have with them now....YAY for Spencer (mainly me since I thought he was cute and I sat next to him)!!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Let is Snow....Let it Snow... Let it Snow!!!

So I really want it to snow before I leave Provo for Christmas break...really weird for me...i know since i normally don't really care for snow, but it will feel so much more like Christmas and winter time if it did snow...I truly feel like the right time to snow is during the month of December and January..but after that not so much the rest of the time that I am here til April...but whatever...i cant wait to build another snowman...snow angel...and go snowboarding....YAY!!!!!!!! please let it snow some at least before i leave and i will be very happy/maybe even do better on my
finals...well maybe not.......but that would be way cool....anyways...i
can't wait until i get to go sledding again as well and just play in the snow..last year my ward went tubing...way fun....o please weather man...say it will snow so i can be happy and have it be truly christmas time.....