Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Bush Gardens + Sea World Florida

Last week my mom and I had a rode trip down
to Tampa, Florida to visit my sister Kelsey and her husband Pat.
We also went to Bush Gardens Africa and to Sea World. It was so much fun. My sister got a new puppy and we also brought my dog Beau. They were buddies right off the bat and played together all the time. Thursday we went to Bush Gardens, rode on awesome rides like Montu, Kumba, and Sheikra. Sheikra was a 180ft drop at a 90 degree angle in the beginning with tons of twists and loops. It was awesome, but my favorite ride was Montu because it was full of more turns and loops that was better than all the rides. We also went on a sky ride over the park and saw all the animals like giraffes, elephants, hippos, tigers, lions, and so much more. We also went on a safari and got close and personal with some of the animals there. It was a blast, but I think that I wasn't used to the heat and didn't drink near enough water because I totally got sick and dehydrated from lack of water. It was bad so Friday we decided just to go to the beach and save Sea World for Saturday. The beach was beautiful and just layed out all day as well as sitting under the shade to not get to dark. ANyWayS, saturday was excellent and I love sea World. I forgot how awesome and fun it is to watch all of the shows. My favorit was the dolphin show, the picture with all the blue. It was way better than the Shamu one because shamu only came out for about 3 mintues of the 30 minute show. Seeing the dolphins and the whales doing their jumps and tricks with the trainers riding them was really cool and amazing to see. We also went to a show called Odyssea. IT was like a Cirque du Soleil with the asian girls doing weird binds and twists with their bodies as well as trampiz and girls hanging on hoops high above the air. Everything was awesome and it was my favorite day spent in Florida, even though I was still feeling sick. Vacations are always fun and great memories to take with you, but it always feels good to go back home and sleep in your own bed instead of a hotel, or couch, which is what I was on, but it was so fun. Thanks to my mom again for always making moments and vacations worth while. I have always loved them no matter what and I am grateful for that and will definitely take awesome vacations with my own family someday for them to have great memories.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Today during church when I was in gospel doctrine with my mother and I was really hungry because I didn't eat any breakfast because I was to busy making some for my mom...Happy mothers day for all those moms out there...anyways. I looked in my purse to see if I still had candy from the movie and I found tonz of riesen's. They are so good I forgot how scrumptious they were and very addicting. When I ran out of them it was the saddest moment of my life cause I was still starving and wanting more riesen's since there so addicting. I then remembered that Lorina discovered them out at school this year and she became obessed with them. I'm tellin ya to watch out for those succors because they are out to hunt you. Then I remembered sponge bob and patrick my favorite cartoon show and Lorina likes as well. Its so funny and I can never stop laughing....Last night my parents and I went to the Atlanta symphony orchestra concert because there was a grand opening of a new amphitheater in alpharetta....I used to play the violin in middle school, but stopped because I thought it was nerdy...i was really good at it and since seeing august rush and the orchestra I really have wanted to start playing again...so I might get a new violin for my birthday JUNE 6th...o yeah...and there is this girl in my ward here who plays very well...so I might ask her to get me lessons...exciting....i will keep you updated on what really happens...

Sunday, May 4, 2008

SO this summer is another fun summer of my nannying for two sweet little girls names Kaitlyn and Jacqueline...yess it was weird at first last summer to say my own name but I got used to it....this will probably be my last summer to sit for them because next summer I need to get a real job its part of my major, landscape management, to work for a landscape company so then I will be able to get better and come to know how to do things through a work experience.... nannying has been way fun that pays really well to get me through my college years so far...but I knew that it wouldn't last forever and I had to get a real job soo....I think that can wait till next summer or maybe winter semester..just need to see how things go at college with grades and things...this summer is the last summer full of going to the pool, movies, out to eat, driving to and from camps or other appointments, and so much more...well see how things go i have only begun and so has the summer..