Friday, April 25, 2008

Oh the I am longing to go there and I can't wait to go to FLorida in two weeks to visit my sister Kelsey and her husband Pat down in Tamp....I am way excited to get a tan and just to be at the beach...i love the beach all thanks to my parents taking me there every spring break....i was truly spoiled by that and totally miss it.....I will go again to Topsail, NC in July at our friends beach house. ITs BEauTifuL there and I have had some awesome experiences with my family and friends. How i truly miss the waves crashing down into the ocean as I drift into deep sleep, the sand between my toes as I walk up and down the shore, or the sun beating down my face while I make sand castles or just lay out to get a tan. O how excited I am to see the ocean again.....

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

This is Audrey and I. I love her so much because she is hilarious and is always making me laugh. This was when we went tubbing with our ward before we left. It was really sad because like 2 minutes after we left my buckle on my snow pants broke. We even took a pic, but I dont have that one. I am really going to miss that girl this summer because she is always crazy and come up with great ideas to do like have a MJ party or go to get ice cream at 12 at night or stay up and just talk with everyone else laughing really hard. ITs a really good ab workout you should try it because laughing hard is really fun.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Here are my roommates, which we had many great times together over the past year...times like staying up late just talking and laughing....putting new quotes on our quote wall....going to moab....going to the Christmas devotional....having crazy parties like in honor of MJ(not Micheal Jordan...Micheal Jackson..duh)...taking crazy pics...going dollar bowling..and soo much more..Now the time has come to an end..and we have to split our sad....and depression cause i really dont have to many friends back home...but I am excited for the break of the summer...and we will be back together soon in 4 months...crazy how time just flys....

Monday, April 21, 2008

SO..I decided that I was going to make a blog...mostly for the summer and to capture times of me at college with my friends....hang in there with me...this could take a while until I really have good posts and pictures put there....see ya later