Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Bridal Shower!!!!

When my mom was in town, two weekends ago, we had my bridal shower and it was so much fun and way cute. Audrey and Meghan did an awesome job with theme, decorations, invitations, games, and the whole shabang... so many people came...I wish that we took a picture with everyone there, but we forgot...so meghan and audrey made awesome angel food cake with whipped creme and strawberry cupcakes, and then chocolate with creme cheese in the middle cup cakes and they were both amazing along with sparkling bubbly...we all dressed up in blackandwhite and wore our pearls to match the breakfast at tiffany's theme...which is perfect for me because I have a secret obession with audrey hepburn and that is one of my favorite movies of hers....but I had so much fun with everything...Meghan made a video of with asking Spencer personal questions and him answering them which was so cute and very funny to watch and for a while we played a game the whole time where you couldn't cross your legs or say my name and we got fake engagement rings that we could take away from other people if you catch them...I had 7 at one point, but I failed and gave up in the end....I love my friends and Thank you so much for everything that yall have done for me..yall are the best and I am so happy that we have become such great friends...THANK GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


So...I was looking at my blog and then at the date as well..and one month from Friday, Spencer and I will be engaged for a month..WOOOHOOO!!!! It has been an awesome, fun, stressful time...only because for a while we had to wait and see if the Atlanta temple would be open because they are thinking of closing it down to do major construction to it...and then we finally found out and set the date and time....June 6th at 11 AM (my birthday).....YAY!!.....we have also registered at Macy's and bed,bath,andbeyond...which we still aren't quite done..and we have a place to live at Wymount, which is where most of my family has lived..including my parents...crazy to see how old things are..not that my parents are really old..but you know what I mean...so on sat it was Pie day well the math symbol pie day..but we celebrated by audrey going out and buying kielime pie..which was not to bad..and then spencer and I got in a pie fight..which was quite fun might I add.....hehehe...and more exciting news is that my mommy is coming in town on thursday and that begins our quest for finding me the perfect wedding dress....we have thursday night...and all day friday...then on sat..since my mommy is in town my best friends are throwing me a bridal shower..YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.....im so excited the theme is breakfast at tiffanys....and we have to wear all black with pearls and updos that are optional....its going to be a blast..Audrey and Meghan made the cutest invitations to it..I love them both so much and will miss them soo much on their missions.....sad day....and while my mommy is here we will go look at invitations and maybe start planning real stuff out cause I only have 2 1/2 months left until the big day...so crazy...time is going to fly by fast as well since it already is....YAY!!!.....im so excited.....welp thats all the exciting news so far...!!!!!!!!!!!