Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Beach House

A few weeks ago, my whole family came into town, but Pat, and only part of them came to the beach house. One day Tyler and Tristan decided to try and catch a crab and ended up catching three. We were hoping they would fight to the death but the only thing they did was try to crawl up the walls of our bucket to get out. IT was so nice and I am going back the weekend before I go back out the UT and get my knee surgery. Hopefully everything goes well and I am able to be up and about for school to start 4 days later, but we shall see. The next week we got back from the beach all but one person was in our house and it was crazy. I was kicked out of my room and then moved from room to room about three times until I ended up sleeping in my dads office on a mattress on the ground with my sister and my brother. At least this only lasted for about 4 nights....not to bad...It was tonz of fun to have almost everyone home though and we had a great time together. I am way excited to go back out to school to have a social life again and see my girl friends...... not to excited to start school again. once it starts then I will get back into the swing of things and it will all be ok....only 2 and a half weeks left... YES!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yellow River Game Ranch

SO when my sister was here we took our nephew and niece to this petting zoo called yellow river game ranch. It was really cool because they had deer and rabbits roaming around coming right up to you and eating out of your hand. This bear just opened up his mouth and stood there while we tried to throw it right into his mouth. It was really cool something that I never knew about. OUr cousins, the Howicks told us about this place. So we meet up with Brittany and her baby. There were so many different animals around like peacock, sheep, goats, donkeys, and so much more. If any of yall come to visit me here in GA, then we will defintately have to go here because it was totally redneck, but way cool at the same time.