Sunday, June 28, 2009

New Blog!!

Since I have gotten married, I am going to be getting a new blog its a working progress so be patient with me!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

3 Months!!!

Today is Spencer and me 3 month anniversary since he proposed to me. WHHOOOOOHOOO!!! and we only have 2 1/2 more weeks until we get hitched. It's soo crazy how close it is and i get to see him in 1 1/2 weeks, which is awesome as well...these past 4 weeks have been really hard not to have him with me. I have missed him soo much, and will continue to until I have him wrapped around my arms again. This is Spencer's new favorite picture of us, so I had to put it up here for him. I don't think its that great, but I want to make him happy when he sees this blog. I wish he was already here and we were getting married this weekend, but I know that time will come shortly, I just want it to hurry up. I have loved being home, but I am totally ready to be with Spencer again. It will be fun to have most of my family in town as well during that week, and Meghan and Audrey are coming for my wedding and they are going to be my bridesmaids along with  my really good high school best friend and still is today Lauren. I'm soo excited to see them again and I know they are as well, because this will be the last time for Meghan and Audrey to see each other since they are both going on missions this summer. I miss all my roomies and friends as well because it was always nice to come home from school and have them there to hand with. The best though is when Spencer comes to see me after he was done with work, or class, and sometimes in between either of them. I love him and I know that he misses me a lot as well and is just as excited as I am to get married. I will never have to go through this miserable pain of not having with me for more then a month ever again. YAY for Spencer in finally not being mean to me before he proposed and for us getting married sooo SOOOON!! WHOO HOO!!!!
It's gonna be a blast to be married to him because he is so fun, and such a great person that is perfect for me, and I him. We balance each other out really well. I have NEVER in my entire life been so happy before. I love you Spencer and I miss you deeply. Hurry and get out to Georgia please!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

4 More weeks!!! has been a long day and all last week as well as these weeks on are/have been full of wedding plans....there is so much to do still yet i still feel like we are basically done... 4 weeks is sooooooooo long away and i wish that it was going to be this weekend....i miss spencer way too much and everyday just gets harder and harder as well as longer and longer...i miss his cute face and his smile..his laugh...his hugs and cuddling....just having him around me all the time is so sad to not have....i just pray every night that time will go by faster and faster so then we can be married and not separated apart anymore...YAY!!! for that day...i miss all my girlies parents just aren't the same..but i guess it is still good to have them one last time....i know for sure that my mommy needs it...SPENCER HURRY TO ME!!

Plus the weather here is awful so i haven't been able to tan in my backyard at my pool at all this summer yet..and the rain just keeps on comming down and will continue all next two weeks...just pray for no rain during my wedding..!!I love you spencer!! and miss you the mostest! 

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

SNOW in April??

I am furious today because it has decided to snow again and it's what the middle of APRIL. It should be spring time, not snow time. UGH!! I don't like the snow or the cold. Two days ago I was in shorts, rainbows, and a t-shirt. Utah weather is wack! I just want it to be beautiful springtime with all the flowers blooming and the trees becoming green again, while I wear shorts, my rainbows, and capris. We want it WARM!

Sunday, April 12, 2009


So yesturday morning before it started raining hard, Spencer and I took our engagement photos, which was way fun...we had a really good family friend of our take them for us and I think they turned out wonderful, great, amazing!! Thanks so much Ben!!! It was the perfect day, besides the rain...I guess what I mean to say it was the perfect lighting for pictures....I am going to get a cd of all of them because he only emailed me about 25 out of 100...which might mean these were the only great ones...which is still ok because I really like the one of Spencer in the yellow and me in the black with my arms around his neck with the tree is his favorite as welll...well really our ultimate favorite is the one where he is dipping me...but we figured its not a great one to send as our photo withour we will probably put itup in our apartment.......but, we might end up picking the other one, but who knows....invitations are coming along....and offically have my wedding dress...its hanging up in my room on the closet door and whenever I walk into my room I think...gosh...I picked the most gorgeous dress ever...and I love it even more....we still have lots of planning to do...but I'm not too worried about it....only 55 more days...WHOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Bridal Shower!!!!

When my mom was in town, two weekends ago, we had my bridal shower and it was so much fun and way cute. Audrey and Meghan did an awesome job with theme, decorations, invitations, games, and the whole shabang... so many people came...I wish that we took a picture with everyone there, but we meghan and audrey made awesome angel food cake with whipped creme and strawberry cupcakes, and then chocolate with creme cheese in the middle cup cakes and they were both amazing along with sparkling bubbly...we all dressed up in blackandwhite and wore our pearls to match the breakfast at tiffany's theme...which is perfect for me because I have a secret obession with audrey hepburn and that is one of my favorite movies of hers....but I had so much fun with everything...Meghan made a video of with asking Spencer personal questions and him answering them which was so cute and very funny to watch and for a while we played a game the whole time where you couldn't cross your legs or say my name and we got fake engagement rings that we could take away from other people if you catch them...I had 7 at one point, but I failed and gave up in the end....I love my friends and Thank you so much for everything that yall have done for me..yall are the best and I am so happy that we have become such great friends...THANK GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


So...I was looking at my blog and then at the date as well..and one month from Friday, Spencer and I will be engaged for a month..WOOOHOOO!!!! It has been an awesome, fun, stressful time...only because for a while we had to wait and see if the Atlanta temple would be open because they are thinking of closing it down to do major construction to it...and then we finally found out and set the date and time....June 6th at 11 AM (my birthday).....YAY!!.....we have also registered at Macy's and bed,bath,andbeyond...which we still aren't quite done..and we have a place to live at Wymount, which is where most of my family has lived..including my parents...crazy to see how old things are..not that my parents are really old..but you know what I on sat it was Pie day well the math symbol pie day..but we celebrated by audrey going out and buying kielime pie..which was not to bad..and then spencer and I got in a pie fight..which was quite fun might I add.....hehehe...and more exciting news is that my mommy is coming in town on thursday and that begins our quest for finding me the perfect wedding dress....we have thursday night...and all day friday...then on sat..since my mommy is in town my best friends are throwing me a bridal shower..YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so excited the theme is breakfast at tiffanys....and we have to wear all black with pearls and updos that are optional....its going to be a blast..Audrey and Meghan made the cutest invitations to it..I love them both so much and will miss them soo much on their missions.....sad day....and while my mommy is here we will go look at invitations and maybe start planning real stuff out cause I only have 2 1/2 months left until the big crazy...time is going to fly by fast as well since it already is....YAY!!! so excited.....welp thats all the exciting news so far...!!!!!!!!!!!