Wednesday, May 20, 2009

3 Months!!!

Today is Spencer and me 3 month anniversary since he proposed to me. WHHOOOOOHOOO!!! and we only have 2 1/2 more weeks until we get hitched. It's soo crazy how close it is and i get to see him in 1 1/2 weeks, which is awesome as well...these past 4 weeks have been really hard not to have him with me. I have missed him soo much, and will continue to until I have him wrapped around my arms again. This is Spencer's new favorite picture of us, so I had to put it up here for him. I don't think its that great, but I want to make him happy when he sees this blog. I wish he was already here and we were getting married this weekend, but I know that time will come shortly, I just want it to hurry up. I have loved being home, but I am totally ready to be with Spencer again. It will be fun to have most of my family in town as well during that week, and Meghan and Audrey are coming for my wedding and they are going to be my bridesmaids along with  my really good high school best friend and still is today Lauren. I'm soo excited to see them again and I know they are as well, because this will be the last time for Meghan and Audrey to see each other since they are both going on missions this summer. I miss all my roomies and friends as well because it was always nice to come home from school and have them there to hand with. The best though is when Spencer comes to see me after he was done with work, or class, and sometimes in between either of them. I love him and I know that he misses me a lot as well and is just as excited as I am to get married. I will never have to go through this miserable pain of not having with me for more then a month ever again. YAY for Spencer in finally not being mean to me before he proposed and for us getting married sooo SOOOON!! WHOO HOO!!!!
It's gonna be a blast to be married to him because he is so fun, and such a great person that is perfect for me, and I him. We balance each other out really well. I have NEVER in my entire life been so happy before. I love you Spencer and I miss you deeply. Hurry and get out to Georgia please!!


Lorina said...

Woo I'm so excited for you!! You will write me right? That way I can hear all your adventures as a married woman!

Wendy said...

We are so excited for you. We know your wedding will be perfect!! Have a great time. Love you and miss you.