Wednesday, April 15, 2009

SNOW in April??

I am furious today because it has decided to snow again and it's what the middle of APRIL. It should be spring time, not snow time. UGH!! I don't like the snow or the cold. Two days ago I was in shorts, rainbows, and a t-shirt. Utah weather is wack! I just want it to be beautiful springtime with all the flowers blooming and the trees becoming green again, while I wear shorts, my rainbows, and capris. We want it WARM!


hannahshirley said...

Ugh. I hate torrential spring snowstorms.

Ken and Meag said...

I'm sending our address to Ashley right now, do you think you could get it from her?
I wanted to send it on a FB message instead of posting it on a blog! I'm so excited to see it!!!