Sunday, April 12, 2009


So yesturday morning before it started raining hard, Spencer and I took our engagement photos, which was way fun...we had a really good family friend of our take them for us and I think they turned out wonderful, great, amazing!! Thanks so much Ben!!! It was the perfect day, besides the rain...I guess what I mean to say it was the perfect lighting for pictures....I am going to get a cd of all of them because he only emailed me about 25 out of 100...which might mean these were the only great ones...which is still ok because I really like the one of Spencer in the yellow and me in the black with my arms around his neck with the tree is his favorite as welll...well really our ultimate favorite is the one where he is dipping me...but we figured its not a great one to send as our photo withour we will probably put itup in our apartment.......but, we might end up picking the other one, but who knows....invitations are coming along....and offically have my wedding dress...its hanging up in my room on the closet door and whenever I walk into my room I think...gosh...I picked the most gorgeous dress ever...and I love it even more....we still have lots of planning to do...but I'm not too worried about it....only 55 more days...WHOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!


hannahshirley said...

ya'll are a beautiful couple. my favorite one is also the bottom picture.

Melanie said...

Kaits! I loooove all the pics and poses! That last one is my FAV, tho!
You have to put up a pic of your dress!

I'm so excited for you!
Am I getting an invitation? I BETTER!
66 Daughtrey Ave. #1213
Waco, TX 76706

Love you!!!

haha! the word verification thing I have to type is: "looky". Funny!

Audrey said...


Skyler, Alli & Mad Dog Max said...

cute pictures! love them! can't wait for the wedding...sista!

St. Louis Alba Family said...

You guys look great! It was fun spending some time with ya'll last week!